Searching freeze pedal patch


Is there a patch which act like freeze sound retainer pedal?

When you press, it keep the sound you just played and do it continuously. It’s like a 0.5 second looper. Until you press again. Very basic but so usefull!

The K-Loop and K-LoopOver patches:

The Phase Vocoder patch is pretty fun too:

Thank’s for your response.

It’s not the same, freeze pedal freeze the sound you are playing and make a drone with it, I never saw an other effect on pedals or on computer effects which does that. It produces a drone. If you play a chord on your guitar and press the pedal in same time then it plays this chord sound continuously. I spoke about loop pedal just because i think it is close that what can do a very very short loop, but this effect is very unique and different than loop pedals.

Check this oldie

Thank you healthylives, that was excaclty what I was searching! The aux freeze effect is like on the freeze pedal :slight_smile:

Just one thing could be better : have the possibility to keep freezing without pushing aux button : start freezing with first push and stop freezing with second push.

But keeping the actual possibility should be cool too. On the EHX freeze pedal, the actual mode is “Latch” and the one missing is “slow” or “fast”.

It could be the closest key button at the right of aux which switch between these 2 mods or having one for “latch” and the other one for “slow/fast” (it doesn’t matter if it is slow or fast, slow is probably better but it mean adding fade out modification).

Does someone know how to transform aux for latch? This small modification should be good enough for me but i don’t know how to do I tried a bang and a toggle before freeze box but releasing aux still untoggle

This will ‘latch’ the Aux button state in either 0 or 1:

Thank you very much, it works!! :grinning: