Pocket Piano 2 Octave Arpeggiator Holding Notes Glitch


I recently encountered a glitch in the 2 Octave Arpeggiator (dark green setting). When holding down 2 notes at once, sometimes it will hold out one of the notes indefinitely. Particularly if I play a B. Right now it’s pretty reliable and not a problem, but I hope it doesn’t lead to more difficulty.


This is discussed on our FAQ:

In the Two-Octave Arpeggiator mode, if Knob 2 is turned all the way to the left, a note may ring indefinitely (regardless of if the ‘Hold’ is set). This is because the Envelope is set to ‘0’, which the PP can interpret as ‘never turn it off.’ To avoid/cancel this behavior, please set Knob 2 to a position other than maximum left.