Start/stop arpeggiator on pocket piano via midi?

Hey y’all, does the arp constantly run? I’m sequencing my pocket piano via a qy 70 and it seems like my sequences start at a different play in the arpeggiation each time. Is there a way to start/stop it via midi?

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The arps should ‘reset’ with a MIDI start message. If all notes are released and a note is played, it should sound the same each time.

Hmmm, mine seems to start at a different spot in the arp each time. Here’s a video to show what I mean. I’m starting and stopping my sequence and then re starting it from the beginning each time. Sometimes it begins on the low notes of the arp, sometimes the high. Thanks for the help!

I experience this too!

Yeah the arps can be unpredictable, I had wondered myself if they’re constantly running at one point, I never found a workaround, other than to play a chord and wait, decide what was a good “downbeat” and hope I didn’t mess up for the rest of the song and displace the beat :joy:
I actually find its unpredictable nature kind of charming, but definitely would love to know if you find a solution too! It’s a lot easier with the arp on the organelle, because it seems like it restarts the pattern every time you play a new chord, at least with the latch feature I’m pretty sure it does this.

edit: actually this might be helpful - the PP arpeggiator goes in order of the notes played, so maybe try displacing the notes in your sequencer (of each chord) by a very slight amount, and making them “seen” by the pocket piano in the same order every time. If they’re sent at the exact same instant, it’s possible that the PP just decides randomly which to interpret as being pressed “first”

Ah yeah, they are all a little different. The green one should reset, but it does depend on the order… but thinking again, I’m pretty sure the counters in Octave Cascade pick up where they left off, so unless your chord plays for the same length as the arp pattern (or a multiple of it), it’ll come in different each time.

I have the same problem and it’s driving me crazy!!! Any solution at all to this ? it’s nearly not useable with a DAW because of this problem )-: