Pocket piano slight latency normal? Hold mod?

I’m the proud (and lucky) new owner of a MIDI pocket piano. Very excited about it and already having tons of fun. I want to make sure that it’s normal for there to be a very slight latency between pressing the key and when a note sounds. It’s relatively subtle, but I just wanted to double check that this is normal (and to be clear this isn’t a complaint, I actually expect the slight delay will be quite musical when used with midi as it kind of “widens the beat”)

Also, this particular unit was from before the “hold” option was added - I’m pretty sure I can guess what the answer is, but I wanted to ask: is it at all possible to mod this to have the hold function?

The arpeggiating modes on the Pocket Pianos are always arpeggiating. So if you press a key or send it a MIDI note while the arpeggiator is off, you will not hear that note until the arpeggiator turns it back on. This is only really noticeable when the tempo is slow.


No, sorry.

You may also encounter this: Why do notes stay on in the Green, Two-Octave Arpeggiator mode?

In the Two-Octave Arpeggiator mode, if Knob 2 is turned all the way to the left, a note may ring indefinitely (regardless of if the ‘Hold’ is set). This is because the Envelope is set to ‘0’, which the PP can interpret as ‘never turn it off.’ To avoid/cancel this behavior, please set Knob 2 to a position other than maximum left.

Hey thanks very much for this - it’s actually in the normal “vibrato synth” I was experiencing it, but I think I’m realizing it’s just that the key action is a little tighter than what I’m used to on the organelle, so it “feels” a little like latency but in reality I prob just need to press a little harder/faster :sweat_smile:

Also thanks for pointing out that Two-Octave Arpeggiator note - I had seen that before when poking around about the pocket piano but totally forgot. That’s def a neat trick I’ll use :smiley: