Poly Sampler With Sustain Parameter?

Hi There-

I was an early critter and Guitari fan and have had two pocket pianos in my time and now glad to be using an Organelle in my setup. Some of the synths sound really great, but I’m mostly using it as a storer and player of samples of all kinds, mostly triggered and sequenced by my Arturia BeatStep Pro.

I have made most of my patches for this function by altering ‘Sampler Style’ and ‘Sampler style Record,’ and have had fun playing with the decay parameter. That said, what would be really cool is if there was a sustain function (in adsr talk) that allowed me to hear a sample for only as long as I hold down the button that triggers it. This would allow me to take a few sounds and get different effects out of them in beats by giving them different gate lengths on each step of my beat step pro.

Is there a patch that already behaves this way that I just haven’t found yet? Would it be fairly easy to program in Pure Data?

Which one are you using?
i have not looked at these but i agree with you that it should be easy to add an adsr to anything really in pure data
since you are triggering them with the BSP i assume you mean midi to fire off the clips?

Hi jshipp:

Try this one: https://patchstorage.com/j-dillicious/

Or try the original from C&G: Beats and Pieces. Just modify the sample release.

Hope this helps!

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