Sampler with a 'release' knob

Hi everyone.

It’s your resident keys-man with very limited programming knowledge with another, hopefully more feasible, request.

So in terms of sampling from a midi instrument to import a synth into Organelle, the problem with using ‘Sampler Style’ is that there is no release. This is probably because it’s designed for drums. But that means that every note you play in your imported synth will last for however long the original WAV lasts.

If a release parameter could be included then the possibilities are endless I think for importing synths from midi into Organelle.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Am I right in thinking this must be super-easy?



Hey man. The fourth knob is ‘Decay’ but it’s envelope reduces to silence so i guess in this case it functions just like release?
It would be cool to have a new mondo-sampler with nice smooth sustain as part of a full ADSR though. Like a crossfaded looping portion of a sample. That would be really cool. What if you could even have more than one loop point in a sample? Like the FZ-1 :smiley:

Currently I find Sampler Style works really well with instruments with their own natural decay like celeste or rhodes piano. Not so much organs and such.