Power adapter UK

Hi, What is the best power adapter to get for the UK, Thank You


Not sure which instrument you need the power supply for, but the Pocket Pianos, Bolsa Bass, Kaleidoloop, Septavox, Video Scope, Rhythm Scope and B&W Video Scope require an external power supply must have the following output specifications:

9VDC, a minimum of 300mA (0.3Amperes) and a 2.1mm barrel connector with center-positive polarity. The center-positive polarity diagram looks like this:

Many guitar pedals use power supplies that are very similar to these specifications. However, they often have a tip with center-negative polarity. These will not work unless you get a reverse-polarity adapter for it. One-Spot, Boss and Roland supplies are typically center-negative.

You may use a power supply that outputs more than 300mA, but not less. Only 9VDC should be provided to the instrument. Voltages above or below 9VDC will cause damage to the instrument.


Hi! I found this on eBay and thought you might like it! Check it out now! UK Plug DC 9V 300mA 0.3A Adaptor Power Supply Adapter Cord 5.5mm x 2.1mm http://r.ebay.com/eFf5Qd


Are you just trying to advertise your power supplies here?

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No, There not mine i was justing showing you the link, if this is the right one, There seems to be so many so i want to get the right one, Thank You

Got it. The polarity image is hard to see. Not sure it has the required center-positive polarity.

This one looks good too: 9VDC Power Adapter

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Is 100MA ok, I thought it had to be 500 MA, Thank You Toby

As mentioned above::

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I’d like to use a UK adaptor - connecting with a travel adaptor is a bit flimsy - and adds a lot of bulk in my mass of wires and cables.

I found what I believe is the UK version of the official adaptor
GT-86121-WWVV.V-W2U Wall Plug-in ITE Power Supply

  • Can’t find an importer that has it yet. it is a clear this is a part - not a complete adaptor - it can be set to anything between 4 and 24v in 0.1v increments, and lacks the 5.5mm x 2.1mm centre positive barrel plug.

I’m wondering if this item from would be an acceptable substitute:

15W Switching AC/DC Power Supply, 9V 1.6A SW3111B

An ultra-compact desktop switch mode power supply, provides a regulated output voltage and providing up to 15 watts of continuous output power.

  • Moulded 2.1 x 5.5 x 12mm output connector Polarity +ve centre
  • CE and RoHS Compliant
  • Automatic built in short circuit, over Voltage and over current protection
  • Meets CEC Energy Efficiency Level V
  • No minimum load
  • Load regulation: +/- 5%
  • EMI: FCC class B conduction & radiation
  • Efficiency: 75%
  • Meantime between failures: 50,000 hours at 25°C full load
  • Safety: C-Tick, CE, BSMI approved