Purchased EYESy today London UK what is correct adaptor

Excited after work picked up Eyesy…got home…US plug…please what is the correct adaptor to buy in UK…thanks

As long as it’s 9 volts centre positive and can provide at least one amp anything will work. Amazon should have lots of options.

You could also buy a travel adapter for the plug. This is what I did until I needed a longer lead.

The barrel dimensions are:

5.5 x 2.1mm

I got a 2amp, 9v, 2m long one from eBay for about £3.

Eyesy is loads of fun.

Hey thanks for yourv speedy reply

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Cheers for reply…yes ik excited…going to get power sorted today

Hey guys…by anychance would anyone know where to buy the adaptor in London

Sorted…friend had a brand new travel adaptor…just now exploring audio routing possibilities…big thanks again for help…BILL

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