Problem with fluid Synth and Ladspa

Hi everyone !
I’m trying to install FluidSynth and Ladspa on my new Organelle M but it doesn’t work…
I’d put the two installing files on the patches folder.
Then i’d run it but when i’m trying to install both of the patch, the organelle says Installing during a long long time
Maybe i missed something …
could you help me please !!!

Hi clem,

There is a thread on here where there is a modified fluidsynth file that is specific for the Organelle M. If you search, you should be able to find it. It took a little tweaking for me to get it to work on mine, and I recall that I had to do some of it manually from the Unix command line. It was a matter of copying files to the right directory.

Here is Mark’s post, did you follow this?