Problems hooking up to AI

Hi - Sorry my question is so bland, but I am a bit new to this.

I’d like to hook my Organelle directly up to my Scarlet 2i2 AI which is connected to powered studio monitors. I powered up the unit, connected the 1/4" left out to the input on my AI and am not getting any sound though the monitors. Selecting INST or LINE level makes no difference. Nor does turning the phantom power on or off. What am I doing wrong here? The Organelle works fine when connected to my guitar amp.

Can you plug something else into the 2i2 to check that it is not the problem? If you can hear the Organelle with a guitar amp (using same 1/4" out), then it is probably something wrong with the 2i2 setup…

The 2i2 seems to work fine with other line level instruments plugged in with a 1/4". I have no idea what the issue is. I don’t need to run it through my laptop do I? It should produce it’s own sound and not need software like a midi controller right? Anyone else use a 2i2 with the Organelle?

@Alobar The Organelle produces sound. What patch have you selected? (…to load a patch, you must depress the encoder until it clicks.)

As Owen suggested, have you tried running the Organelle out of a guitar amp? or used the headphone jack? If these two things are working, it could be the cable you are using or something else downstream from the Organelle.

I’m familiar with how to select a patch. None of them work. Headphone jack and guitar amp work. Yeah has to be something with the set up on the 2i2. I’m stumped. Thanks for the replies.