Problems trying to update Organelle 1 to OS 4.0


I finally decided to update my Organelle 1 to the current (4.0) OS. But I’ve run into some roadblocks in trying to do so, and I’m not sure how to proceed. I’ve searched the forum for an answer but couldn’t find it; apologies if the solution has already been posted elsewhere.

I’m following the instructions listed in Chapter 7 of the manual. I downloaded the OS, downloaded The Unarchiver, and downloaded Etcher.

When I insert the SD card into my MacBook, a warning appears: “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.” According to this thread, it’s because the Mac OS doesn’t recognize the format the Organelle uses (ext3) for partitioning the drive. One of the posters recommends using sftp and ftp wirelessly to back up the files. I’m not concerned with backing anything up, and I’m unfamiliar with sftp and ftp so I figured I’d just start fresh with a brand new microSD card and get the new OS on my Organelle that way.

I put the new microSD card in my computer and used The Unarchiver to unzip the OS 4.0 disk image. Then I used Etcher to burn the OS onto the SD card, but when I tried to do so a warning appeared: “Attention - something went wrong. If it is a compressed image, please check that the archive is not corrupted. The writer process ended unexpectedly.”

This is the only method listed for updating the OS and I’m not having any luck… are there any other ways to get the OS onto the Organelle?

I’d greatly appreciate any help.

Thank you very much!


download the image again, maybe it got corrupted.

Burning the OS to microSD is the only way to update to OS4.0.

What size card are you using?

There’s no harm in burning again. You can download the compressed image again (as @Servandob suggested) or you can download the uncompressed image (and skip the Unarchiver step):

Ah!. Another thing that I remember…
If you are using an integrated SDcard reader in your macbook, that could be the cause of the problem too…
Maybe you have a field recorder, digital camera or another kind of sdcard / micro-sdcard reader that could do a better job than the apple integrated sdcard reader…

I successfully loaded OS 4.0 onto my Organelle 1 - thank you for the help!

I downloaded the uncompressed image and burned the OS onto a 16gb microSD without any issues. I had been trying with a 64gb card before.

And yes, I’ve experienced issues with integrated SD card readers in the past; luckily I have an external reader that’s been working well.

Thanks again ~


Thanks for your patience with this. We finally got the zip files updated to hopefully fix this problem in the future.