Pure Data Drums and other things

Hey guys and gals, it’s been a while!

I’m back into my second year at uni and we have started looking at creating patches using Reaktor 6, fun program but I prefer PD as I find it much more fulfilling even with my ‘next to none’ knowledge. I have used that 4/5 video series and have created the basic polyphonic patch several times to really try and get my head around it.

Any as part of an assessment we have to build some things for a tune. Kick, Snare and a bass sound, using the software of our choice but it’s taught to us in Reaktor, the elements of doing so anyway. Happy to go that route but I do want to get in deep with PD.

I feel that with that previously mentioned video series is not going to get me what i need… so want to some opinions on how to approach this! Is there a great place to go?

^ how about this? will this give me what I want? Also, if i build a patch on my Macbook Air, is it easy to transfer to the organelle, is there a crucial step in making the transfer?

All the help is appreciated! Thanks

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Check out automatonism. It’s great and has some kick and snare. Not the best in the world but still worth checking.

basic kick/snares are pretty easy to create (thru synthesis), and quite a bit of fun to play with.

the following patch, also has synthesised drums if you want to take a look

but honestly, id say its more fun to just go with the basics, and build it up - if you being taught how to do this in reaktor, the principles will be the same anyway.

im not quite sure what you believe is missing?
if your going to do this on the organelle, then id recommend you take a look at the C&G tutorial videos.

yes, you’ll be able to most of the work on the mac, and then simply transfer it to the Organelle to add the Organelle UI elements (e.g. parameters, key presses etc)

this step should be very straightforward as long as you stick to vanilla pd , do not start using loads of externals - as that will make it potentially more difficult to transfer, and for a simple project like this is pretty unnecessary.

Okay great, I’ll see what’s available via PD grids…

Yeah, I agree it’s more fun to build up from scratch which is why I thought I’d reach out.
Reaktor is great but I still don’t really know what I am building exactly. For instance, you just drag VCA, Gates, mixers, OSC in Reaktor as I am sure you know and not create them… the oscillation is the easy bit in PD… it’s the rest i am trying to work out.

I have tried using the browser to navigate but havent found it too useful as there are comands in there that i dont know how to creat using the videos I mentioned…

I am really trying to get my head around this stuff because I want to understand it, but brain not computing a lot of it…

I followed this but I am not getting any sound… Plus my sliders only go to 1, even though I followed every step, wrote down what the function was doing etc…

This is a good example of why I thought building on the organelle itself wasn’t the best because I fear I am missing some basic principles, with the bangs etc…im going to give it another shot at some point but any further insight would be great!

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