Pure Data sounds WOW!

“All PD with no plugins or samples”.

Like,No way! yes way :space_invader:

Lovely sound :sunny: Shame the patch hasn’t been shared as it’s built on many peoples work, people whom share.

The first link is from Acreill. He has many patches around the web, which you can find by googling. He has several patches in this forum:


Acreil’s patches are VERY VERY computer focused. i looked that them and he or she’s work is very focused on GUIs --and i found them, though cool a super complex nest of GUIs and canvases that are more suited from a Laptop with a bunch of memory rather than our organelle and Leonard runs a school and his patches though cool are not shared because they are specifically created for a client base.

Ok Thanks for the link. I’m very impressed with the audio quality of that video. It’s a good example of what pure data can do and the “virtual analog” synthesis the program is capable of (I’m presuming that Pure data was generating the actual oscillators in the synths in the video). To my ears Digital Oscillators can do analog without any of the “analog magic” being lost. Since both methods are fundamentally based on math (frequency etc) that makes sense.

Not that sense (understanding) will stop the many product manufacturers using any trick in the book to sell products to the ignorant ( not understanding the tech or their biology).

I add pitch drift to most of my oscillators. This is how I am currently doing it. [neuron f] is just [random f] with my chaos system.

Thinking about possibly adding log/exp possibilities.

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Yeah it sounds pretty good I agree. check this one:

There is a patch for download from Acreill, which sounds/looks a lot similar to the IDM song you posted. This is just house instead, but I think it is almost the same patch, just modified a bit for genre. Oh, and this I think is intended to ne bused with PD-extended. I think I remember having a few issues running it on 0.47 on OSX.

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I’m just getting into reading the PD manual. Though I do like to learn up on a tech/science based subject in which I’m comparably ignorant. I think I’ve caught the Pure data bug ;-).

I love this generative genre of music. Certainly improves on the overly repetitive 4 * 4 style that many “traditional” house genre of tracks have. Though there are many very good 4*4 rhythmical structured tracks, using a computer (inc Organelle) to add more generatively nuanced variation can only be a interesting effect.

Do you live in Denmark? Seems like we have caught the same bug :wink:

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here is an autechrian generative patch


Outch, for some reason Volume knob is not affecting this one. :ear::boom:

that was the MRD [Major Record Deal] Fast release

it’s fixed here. LOL


Thank you dear ! :pray:
That was quick !

One day, I’ll be able to fix such things myself, but I still have quite some stairs in front of me :wink:

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