Squarp pyramid, USB, midi din



I am using a squarp pyramid with my organelle, and it works like a charm through the usb wire, which even power the pyramid. But for some reasons, I would like the midi infos to run via the midi din port of the pyramid, and reach the organelle through a midi usb interface. But I can get it to work, though the interface is recognized by the organelle, and recieves midi clock from thepyramid. The pyramid get no midi info from orgabelle midi in, and the organelle is not triggerd by the pyramid. I dont know what Ibam dping wrong, since I think I set correctly the midi chanels of all devices…
(I have a miditech midilink mini, and i did try with a prodipe)

Hoping somebody have an idea about this


is it showing up in settings -> midi ?

if not run my diagnostic log , and post the results - this way we can see if its being recognised…

generally, if the usb midi hub is class compliant Ive not had any issues… Ive got various usb midi devices working include a blokas midihub… and the pyramid :slight_smile:



Hi thank you very much for your help, and overall for making the organelle this good. I saw you also use a pyramid, but I assume you use the usb port right?

So I did what you said: my midi usb cable appears as “Midilink Mini MIDI 1” in the midi device setting, but I can’t get it to communicate with the pyramid via its midi din ports.

Here is the diagnostic log, hoping you might get a clue from this.

Thanks a lot!
diag_log.zip (2.5 KB)


you need to run the diagnostic tool, after you have run the PD patch, so I can see if it connects…

but from I can see in that log, it looks like it should work fine…

have you checked on the pyramid to see if its receiving any midi (settings->info-> midi in)

ive used the organelle with pyramid with both usb and midi din :slight_smile: