Reassign parameter control?

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new here, first post.

Can the Organelle’s 4 (left) knobs be re-assigned to control other (initially invisible) parameters, or are they limited and fixed to the 4 parameters that are displayed?
With the Arpeggio patch, for example:
1 = Tempo; 2 = All; 3 = Tone 78; 4 = Decay

Thanks in advance!

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Great question! You can use the knobs however you want. You can use one knob’s value for more than one parameter at a time. You don’t even have to print values to the screen if you don’t want to.

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Thanks, Chrisk!
Any tips on how to do this via the hardware/screen itself? I see some patches allow you to assign different parameters beyond the first 4, but with many, this is not the case.

Assignment of knobs and other control data needs to be programmed in Pd. Here are some tutorials to get you started!


To program directly on the Organelle, you will need a USB Keyboard & Mouse and a monitor with HDMI input. You can also use a USB WiFi adapter and @thetechnobear’s VNC patch for remote patching with your computer:

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Thanks for your help with this!
Pfff, I’m totally new to the patching world, will see what happens.

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