Record guitar-based album on a Terz

Hey guys, I’m aware this is a pretty insane doubt but hear me out: I’m recording my first album in a couple of months and I’ve only got an amplifier, a Fender Champion 600.

Considering that I move from one country to another VERY frequently and I’m quite into (certain) lofi aesthetics, I’m in doubt whether to spend 320€ on a Critter & Guitari Terz or a Vox AC10 for 415€. I’m obviously aware Vox AC10 is an infinitely superior amp in most ways but…

Terz’s advantages: I would be able to keep using it after the production of the album, it limits my sonic options (a good thing considering I’ve got too many options when it comes to synths, plugins etc.) and it may help my album have a certain distinct (lofi) sound.

By getting the Vox, I’d make sure I’d have a good amp for the recording of the album but god knows when I’d be able to use it again (it would sit right next to my dusty Champion 600).

Ultimately, I guess it comes down to this: do you think I could work on a decent-sounding guitar-based album with such a modest amplifier as the Terz?

Keep in mind I don’t have the chance to try either amp.

Thank you very much!

It would help to know specifically what you’re playing through the amp (personally I wouldn’t record guitar through something like the Terez as it would most likely be too limiting sonically) - you mention both synths, plugins etc, but also a guitar based album. Personally just between those two amps, you really just need to make the decision if you want something ultra-portable or not. If not, and you think the Vox is a better, more versatile amp that will get more use then go with that!

Hi there! Yes, I’ll be using synths (mostly pads) but the songs will be above all guitar-driven (experimental rock, I guess). I spent more time thinking about it and I think you’re absolutely right. As much as I’d like Terz a try, it might be too ambitious to record a full album with it, specially when there’s no need for it. Thank you very much for helping me out!

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