Using Terz Amplifier with an Organelle

I’m looking for a small amplifier that I can use with my original Organelle and was thinking about the Terz. I know it has some distortion features built in but is it capable of producing a clean signal without any distortion?

Hi @dbetz!

If you’re not looking for a clinical sound, the Terz is supacool. It has character and won’t let your sound uncoloured.
In the colourful domain, it can produce a sound with few saturation; as far as volume goes, you can expect bigger than the Organelle’s integrated speaker but not as big as a monitoring speaker, say.

Here is another testimony, if that can help.

The Terz is really all about distortion… It sounds really great with some Organelle patches, but can be frustrating to get a clean tone out.

Okay, maybe I’m better off with another amp. I was just looking for a tiny amp that would be at least as good as the built-in speakers in the newer Organelle.

I’ve been using JBL Flip 4 and Charge 4 rechargeable bluetooth speakers - they both have 1/8" auxiliary inputs. There are other makes of similar speakers with the aux input.

I like the JBLs well enough, but they both have “auto-muting” which sort of puts the speaker to sleep when a loud enough signal isn’t detected for several seconds, and it takes a second for the audio to return after it detects a strong enough signal - this can be very irritating when playing in a quiet or sparse way. The feature can be disabled on the Flip 4, but not on the Charge 4 as far as I can tell.

Also, the Charge 4 default setting is for “enhanced bass boost” that I find to be a bit much - it can be disabled, but then it sounds almost too flat, in my opinion. (on a related note, the Charge 4 has a 5 volt usb power port in it, which will power something like the 201 or the 5Moons, but I have problems with pulsing electrical / static noise when doing that and running the audio from either device back into the speaker) :://

Overall I’ve been very happy with them, much more volume and oomph - excellent for living room and outdoors.

A Bluetooth speaker with an aux input. Great idea! I think I even have a no-name one I can try.

I personally use a MiniRig 3. Super great sounding little bluetooth speaker

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That does look nice but I found my no-name speaker and it turns out that it is made by Anker. It seems to work pretty well with my Organelle.

MiniRig looks pretty great - I’ve never heard of it, probably because it’s UK vs. US.
sort of spendy, but i’d be happy to spend it if the sound quality is there. It’s surprisingly small, which I like, and the subwoofer component is another money vacuum I’d surely get into.

seems like ppl have great suggestions in here. just felt like mentioning that in my experience the microcube amps roland makes are often pretty cheap & you can get a decent variety of tones out of them, including some very clean ones.
they can run on AA batteries too.

I too am a fan of MiniRig speakers. They fell on my radar from various reviews on YouTube where Olav would A/B test against other speakers.

Some cool features most folks may not know about:
Really good bass response that belies the size. Even the mini punches above its weight.
They have a beefy power supply and can actually be used as a USB power bank.
Can be strung together for stereo.
Has two minijack inputs: you can bring in two signals by audio cable. Or you can bring in one audio signal to the amp, and plug in a pair of headphones to act as personal monitor.
And even while the audio jacks are being used, you can bring in bluetooth audio. This is one of my favorite ways to practice while traveling, to easily bring in mobile audio devices (tablets/phones).