Terz amplifier

Unfortunately, I missed out on the Black Friday $99 deal on the Terz amplifier. Can someone suggest another small amplifier with similar features. Actually, I don’t really need the distortion feature. I just want a good quality small amplifier.

best little amps i have seen are those mini orange amps and of course a Pignose rules

The mini orange amps are marvellous, if a bit over keen to get dirty sounding. I’ve fallen in love with my ZT Lunchbox. Super clean from bedroom quiet to very loud indeed. Smaller than a very small thing. Capable of small stage gigs, practice and bedroom noodling and happy to take guitar/synth/whatever you want to stick through it.

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, none look quite as cool as the Terz. Oh well…

Actually, it looks like you can still get the Terz from ThirdManStore.com for $175.