Remote patching with the ‘M?


The manual for the ‘M points to a very long (117 posts) thread about using VNC to access Pd instead of using a hdmi/keyboard/mouse.

I’ll admit I got a bit lost and am not sure what I need to do to enable and use VNC on the ‘M.

Can anyone point me to right procedure for a recent ‘M?

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PS I have Wi-fi setup as per the manual for the ‘M, and I got it recently so I’m pretty sure I have 3.1 installed.

TLDR: This is the thing to install:

Once you’ve done that, turn on Wi-Fi, and from the “extras” menu select “Start VNC.” You’ll then be able to access your box at organellem.local.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks that worked.
What I have learned

  • the VNC viewer in macOS Catalina is not compatible with the startvnc patch.
  • the free viewer from realvnc for macOS IS compatible with the startvnc patch.
    New challenge - the resolution of the screensize sent by startvnc to realvnc viewer is bigger than the resolution on my mac, and realvnc viewer scales the much larger screen to fit my 13"screen, resulting in the Pd text being illegible.