Running Samples through a Filter

So I basically I have recorded this synth pattern, and the whole audio file is quite lengthy - about 2 and a half minutes. I want to find a patch on the organelle that will play the entire sample and run it through a filter so i can tweak the cutoff while its playing. I was thinking an orac patch might work? so i could have some kind of sample player running into a filter. anyway, if anything springs to anyones mind, this would be really helpful!

hope everyone is keeping well btw!

Yeah, this sounds like something you could probably achieve with Orac.

You could probably use the DJ-set module ( to playback the sample and than send it through one of the filter modules.
Another good idea is to have the Capture module ( on the output slot to record everything and store as a wav file.


ahh cool that dj set module looks like its exactly what im looking for. thank you!

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