Samplement: How to add a decay/release

Loving this patch with ORAC,

I’m wanting to add a decay or release so when I release the key the sample doesn’t cutoff so harshly but this patch a behemoth and I can’t wrap my head around how to add it into the work flow.
The patch is found here Samplement | Patchstorage
and for the decay/release there are 2 patches I’ve found in the sample section of orac patches (Percussions | Patchstorage which is made by the same creator but the insides are different so I can’t do a simple copy) and Realsampler24 | Patchstorage

Can anyone see or explain how I could do this?

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Hi and thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure i remember exactly but, isn’t there an Enveloppe setting on the 2nd page of the Samplement module…?


So on the 2nd page (modes)
there is an envelope that seems to only work affect grains when the mode is on 5 (granular)

on page 3 (control)
This envelope seems to work overall/any mode but from what I can tell only affects the attack. The decay/release is always super short once you you release the key.

Another thing I’ve noticed is if I put a sample on which I’ve checked in ableton to be in C. I still have to go to pitch: 1st and cents 50 to get in tune. Not sure if that’s because I’m doing something wrong or just how the patch reads the sample?
But the fact it can read samples from multiple sources and has such fun modes, this patch is the closest to an ideal sample box on the organelle and the work you’ve done is mind boggling

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Thanks! I see, i remember… i thought with the enveloppe on page 3 i had some release but with an equally slow attack or something like this, i was mostly using the latch function, there’s no real enveloppe unfortunately, i didn’t know how to make it. But this is not just my work, in fact i only tried to improve the samplenest/sampletwig modules that already contain most of the features :wink: hopefully someone will find a way to implement this and share the update… :v:

Oh and about your samples i would suggest checking the sample rates, i guess it can happen when switching from 48 to 44.1khz (orac) :grimacing:

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It’s all good will wait and see, tried learning PD a few times but I just really can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Using reverbs as a lazy work around.
For the samples I double checked and everything (Ableton, soundcard and orac/organelle are all running at 44.1khz so I’m guessing it’s probaby the way the sampler is handling the file but I really don’t mind, easy enough to tune :slight_smile:
Thanks again for the replies and the awesome patch!

Edit: Turned out my soundcard was changing back to 48khz everytime I opened ableton (learned to save it to 44.1 for now my bad all working with the tuning)