Sampler Style: anyone know how to make samples longer?

hello organelle community! i am looking to use the ‘sampler style’ patch to do monophonic samples that can be longer than the 2 seconds. ideally up to a minute in length and everything else remains the same. does anyone know if this already exists are how this can be done?


@chrisk any idea if this code already exists for this patch?

Might be a redundant question but have you tried just dropping a 1 min sample into a duplicate sampler style? What limitations have you found?

hey hey @ZipDurango thx for your response. i have tried dropping longer samples into my patches folder and also recording longer samples. none have been able to go up to more than a few seconds.

I agree, longer samples (say even10 seconds or so) could be very nice. If it limits the ability to varyspeed its still is a very nice sampler. (of course reverse and half speed is always nice to have but…)