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Hello, I’m a newbie. I hope you can help me. In s3rquencer I do not know how to load all the samples in s3rquencer. As far as I can see you can load 16 samples but in the 14 folders of the patch there are a lot more samples. And if I want to use my own samples in which folders do I have to put them?
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Hej @rinfel . putting samples in s3rquencer is as easy as replacing the sounds that already are in the folders. sounds should be named 1.wav to 16.wav otherwise the patch will not be able to load the sounds. If the sounds are short, they will be treated as a chromatic single shot sample. if the sound is larger than 6 seconds (or something like that). the sampler will switch automatically to 24 slices / drum sampler. Of course you can still swith from drum to chromatic to looper using shift + F# while in sampler mode.
Another cool thing you can do is that with ‘hypershift’ and D and E keys (in sampler mode) you can change folder so you aren’t limited by the samples provided in a certain channel / folder.
If you need more than 16 samples per channel / folder. locate the [pd howmanysamples doyouneed?] subpatch inside ANY sampler abstraction, Replace the number 16 by your desired number and SAVE the abstraction. Same process for swapping folder…

By the way. if you want to create a ‘drum kit’ sample. I recommend to go to your DAW / editor and create a sample of either 12 or 24 seconds and find your way to equally space your samples. (one every second in the case of 24…) I will provide at some point an ableton template in order to do this super quick…

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Thank you very much. Now it’s completely clear for me.

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