SD cards for Organelle M

Hi guys,

Completely new to the Organelle world, so doing my research as much as I can. I noted that some said that changing the SD card might affect the performance when using patches such as 0RHACK and Orac 2, for the better. Meaning, using a faster SD card might be better then the 8GB Toshiba that comes with Organelle.

Would you recommend this? I’m also thinking of just flashing a larger MicroSD card for future use, as having all the patches on the card, rather than loading patches from the USB.

Would a Sandisk Ultra C10, UHS-I with 64gb be a good fit? I’ve heard that having more storage might actually hinder the performance, but that is the smallest one.

The thing to look at is the read and write speed for your card.

The capacity of the card doesn’t slow things down.

I would be very tempted to do this for using Orhack multitrack recording.

A card like this one:
Lexar Professional 1667x SD Card 128GB, SDXC UHS-II has a read speed of 250mb/s and a write speed of 120mb/s for ~£38

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Orhack is the reason why I think going for a bigger, better card is the right way to go. Thank you for your input!

I’m using this one

It’s very affordable and could not be happier with it’s performance/stability!