Secure link for 4.1

Hello there, been away for a while (Organelle in Canada, me in the UK, 18 months of no-travel, that sort of thing). Back in Canada now, wanting to update firmwares etc. on all my lovelies and I’ve just got around to the Organelle.

I can only find an http link to some site called for 4.1. I’ve tried replacing http with https and I get a Bad Certificate (it’s self-signed). Not keen to use this link. Is it really the official site for the latest release?

Could you not compile it and include it with the Github repository as a downloadable file? Or am I being naive? Entirely possible - I never thought COVID would stop me returning home for 18 months.


I’m pretty shure c&g put it on them site, on the manual page I think. I remember having downloaded it from there.

Hi- Yes, this is the official link.
Here are instructions to update:
Organelle 1
Organelle M

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