Seq24 on Organelle?

Seq24 is an excellent and very fun to use midi sequencer, I played around with it on my Rpi2 a few years ago, you can mute tracks using the computer keyboard and so on.

I was wondering if it could be modified to work natively on Organelle so that the keys and controls on Organelle would allow it to be used without a monitor?

Obviously I think it could work well as is using Organelle as desktop computer, but it would be really cool to use it headless - any thoughts from @oweno @chrisk @thetechnobear or anyone else?

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That looks like a cool program - thanks for sharing.

This is probably a question for the Seq24 devs. There’s not much documentation on their site: so it’s hard to say either way.

I think it would take more effort to make seq24 headless than to make something from the scratch… And at the end you are going to be missing all the fun stuff that you could do with pd… I made recently a multichannel “live” sequencer that handles 14 tracks of sequencing external Midi + internal Sampling / synths.
I’m still adding features but this is already a fun thing to use. Also you can mute / unmute using keyboard or also from the organelle keys + punch effects, Ableton link, etc…

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I highly recommend it if you like really direct and fast to learn and use sequencers, it is pretty powerful and has just the right amount of features I think.

I wasn’t sure if it would be quite in depth to convert it, I might just try installing it on the Organelle anyway.

Yes I’ve been meaning to check that out when I get a moment :wink:

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