Serialosc/monome with Organelle?


first, want to say thanks you agai, @junklight for your work and support.
The meadowphysic module seems to work on my 64h grid, except all the leds are off…
Can i have some advices to how i can change that ? I’m really confused with all the monome related patches, they’re very cryptic to me ^^


The external I used for the meadowphysics is

It says explicitly it assumes a 128 grid and looking at the code that seems to be true.

I’m not particularly interested in fixing that code - my current efforts in this direction are (very slowly) porting the ansible version of Kria and probably meadowphysics to PD externals

Reading the code I think that it should be fairly easy to adapt to a 64 grid TBH - although you’d miss the rules section.

(sorry not to be more helpful - I’ll see in porting ansible stuff if I can keep the ability to adapt to different grid sizes)


don’t worry :wink:
Thanks for the link, i didn’t found this ressource before.
I will have a look !


i got it build for 64it i’ll try with 32bit in a few moments


finally got around to adding some basic mixer functionality (loop level & pan position) and loop launch/stop controls for the asynchronous looper system. korg nanokontrol mappings took 20 minutes and make a big difference in a the playability.