Serialosc/monome with Organelle?

first, want to say thanks you agai, @junklight for your work and support.
The meadowphysic module seems to work on my 64h grid, except all the leds are off…
Can i have some advices to how i can change that ? I’m really confused with all the monome related patches, they’re very cryptic to me ^^

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The external I used for the meadowphysics is

It says explicitly it assumes a 128 grid and looking at the code that seems to be true.

I’m not particularly interested in fixing that code - my current efforts in this direction are (very slowly) porting the ansible version of Kria and probably meadowphysics to PD externals

Reading the code I think that it should be fairly easy to adapt to a 64 grid TBH - although you’d miss the rules section.

(sorry not to be more helpful - I’ll see in porting ansible stuff if I can keep the ability to adapt to different grid sizes)

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don’t worry :wink:
Thanks for the link, i didn’t found this ressource before.
I will have a look !

i got it build for 64it i’ll try with 32bit in a few moments

finally got around to adding some basic mixer functionality (loop level & pan position) and loop launch/stop controls for the asynchronous looper system. korg nanokontrol mappings took 20 minutes and make a big difference in a the playability.


This is so nice!

Would also be interested in a version for a 64 grid.

You’ve got a 64 and tried it ? Didn’t work ? Have you success to run the others monome patches ?

I’ll have a look today,
Is there a list of Organelle patches for the Monome anywhere?

Patch Storage has something, but mainly “works in progress”. I don’t know if it’s possible to do this, but it would be great if Monome patches had - 64 - 128 - 256 settings that could be selected.

It’s “works in progress” but some folks run patches with 128 grid without problems.
With my 64, the grid poly patch works but all the leds are off
With the grids app : all leds off but the "xyz " are showing on the display when i press down keys on the grid.
Only the whitewhale seems to produces a sound return on my external gear - but even, with not LED light on.

Those patchs are too cryptics for me, can’t manage to understand them…

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Like you I’d need help identifying the parts to change, but I was looking at a patch last night and noticed that 16 was in the patch a few times. I presumed that referred to the rows/columns on a 128 (8x16 grid)
I suppose on a 64, you could have the functionality of a 128, but somehow there’d have to be a little bit of thought go into that, if it were possible for the Organelle to recognise that a sequence went over 8 steps - then went onto the next grid.
I suppose there are a lot of 64h users around

You’re right ! I hope so, really can’t wait to connect thoses devices …

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hey man, i’m not understanding this installation program, i went to monome site and did the regular installation with serialosc but the novation launchpad mini doesn’t recognize yet, i don’t know what i did wrong and i’m gonna list in order what i’ve did:

  • install serialosc
  • install gridstudies og 1
  • when i connect the launchpad mini doesn’t work, it seems being on start mode.

obs: i need to install something else? i need to program midi output on ‘settings’ ?

can you put a list on order of what i’m gonna do? sorry, i spend all day long trying to run this! really nice patch! but

thank you very much !!

This is a little demo of my first ‘real’ Organele patch; a Euclidian sequencer with 8 independent tracks of different length and independent playback settings.
The sound configuration happens through the 4 organelle knobs, whereas the input of the track settings pulses/beats ratio and playback settings are done on the APCMini.
The visualization f the different tracks is also done on the APC.

any plans to release v3.0 soon? :thinking: love to get my hands on pattern record functionality :wink:

@sno ah, yes… haven’t had a minute to clean that up yet!

have you successfully got everything else working?

hi @josephbranciforte sorry for he late reply! no worries, I was just wondering :slight_smile:

yes, everything work ok, thanks!

just notice some clicks when pressing monome buttons to cut/skip to a relative position. also when in sub loop mode there is a click in the loop point of the sub loop. don’t know if both issues can be fixed or if it’s just a normal thing in pure data.

one last thing I don’t have the [closebang] object inside [jblr.monome] where can I find it?

@josephbranciforte I can also report that I’ve gotten jblr working nicely, in my case with my old weirdo diy monome 64. the LEDs don’t light up the way they should yet, but i guess that’s because my unit doesn’t support varibright. I’m sure I’ll get it working. thank you so much!

(and obviously I’m also eagerly awaiting v3 :slight_smile: )

edit: got the LEDs working! my grid apparently didn’t play nice with the OSC /level messages, so I redid the small part of the patch that deals with lighting up the buttons. Varibright would be even nicer for the UI of course, but lighting up active step, start point and end point works fine.

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I’d really love to know if this is the case - currently the organelle is my main sampler and I run into this often with certain applications. I love what the organelle does, but wondering if for instances where I want to avoid this, I’m better off using something else. Thanks to anyone who can lend advice!

Have you got a link to the patch pt3r? Looks really interesting