Setting up WiFi on the Organelle

after some wrong adapters…
i found a Wi-Pi for around 9 euros & and its connecting like charm;) yay!
without any problems + no hacking needed;)

dont know why its soo xpensive on amazon…

but yes its connected…
what´s next what are the options?

Oh God. I finally got the official Raspberry Pi, and still got problems connecting!! Double checked network name and pwd (no spaces, everything seems ok). What else can I do wrong??

That’s bad luck (although nothing to do with luck)

With latest 3.1 OS, Organelle can now the be an Access Point, might be a solution? Something you can try?

Can you go back in this thread and read/check how is your network setup.

The network is my 2.4Gb, so that shouldn’t be the problem.
Tested the Access Point and I could connect to the O. network from my iPad, so I guess the adapter should work fine. Maybe some setting in my network, that I’m afraid I’ll never find the time to analyze and fix…
Now my next step is just to make sure to use a patch with midi control to make sure it works at least with the AP. Thanks

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I did read (again) previous posts in this thread, including the one you just reposted here: security is WPA2 (though I don’t know how to check “tkip+aes”).

I’m afraid I’m running out of ideas, more so networks… scare me.
Try changing the password ? Again it’s case sensitive… change network name?
At least you have AP working…

we are a bit in the dark here… as we don’t know how your router is configured.

perhaps you can tell us your router model,
and show us the settings on your router
also perhaps grab the wifi_log.txt file, and show us that…

at least because the access point works, you now know you have a compatible stick, i think the rest, is probably down to how the security is setup on your router - or incorrect setup of the wifi.txt file.

Ahhh, was missing that log file, thanks @thetechnobear

forked to background, child pid 3368


doh… that must log file has been broken … need to fix for next release.
no info there…

you could possibly run my diagnostic log, that might give some info.

as i said though, probably just a matter of reviewing your wifi.txt file, and settings on your router.

So can you confirm that the TP-Link Nano is NOT working ?
Just bought it, no luck so far…

Anyone have a link to a dongle that works on ? Thanks

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I bought mine from Can’t find the order now but I remember searching for “Ralink 5370 chipset” and getting the cheapest one, i.e. this should work:


Nice one, thanks

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No probs, I emphasise the “should work” As I understand it the key thing is the chipset I mentioned in my post.


Great, it’ll give me something to experiment with.

a recent wifi_log from my organelle using the C&G supplied wifi adapter

Cannot find device “wlan0”
Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant
Could not read interface wlan0 flags: No such device
nl80211: Driver does not support authentication/association or connect commands
Could not read interface wlan0 flags: No such device
Could not read interface wlan0 flags: No such device
WEXT: Could not set interface ‘wlan0’ UP
wlan0: Failed to initialize driver interface
wlan0: interface not found or invalid
dhcpcd exited

appears to be a problem with the adapter itself?
can anyone shed light?

Looks like it cannot find device.
Does it do the same if you have it plugged in before powering on, or after?
Anything changed? I assume it works before?

I’d test the WiFi card in a PC/Mac check it’s still working, but it would be odd for it to fail, not a common thing to happen.

After that we’d probably need to see the system logs via dmesg, see if that shows anything unusually.
( you can get this by running my Diagnotics patch)

Thank you. It is now working! I think it was probably an issue that i was simply ‘reloading’ in storage to get recognition of the wifi adapter rather than doing the necessary Power down and reboot.
Organelle still seems not so reliable when acting as an access point for whatever reason. Probably human error.
I think the process for having my laptop access the organelles network is:

  1. Attach wifi adapter to organelle and then power on.
  2. In wifi settings, hit ‘start ap’.
  3. Search for ‘Organelle’ in available networks on the laptop.
  4. Connect to ‘Organelle’ network and type password ‘coolmusic’

Any mistakes?

I think i have confusion over ‘web server’ and ‘AP’ and the difference between them.

Thanks again.