Setting up wifi on the Organelle


My WiFi setup runs without a hitch. The Organelle declares it’s connected to the network but I’m unable to see the Organelle from my computer. Is there any trick to connecting?


you should be able to access the web browser (if you started the web server under WiFi Setup). with your browser try visiting: http://organelle.local

if that doesn’t work try just typing the IP address into the web browser. You can see the Organelle’s IP address under the Settings -> Info menu


If you’re on a Mac, Forklift (free on Mac App Store) works great if you’re trying to move anything around in a more involved way, or for backing up etc.
The web patch manager (go to organelle.local in your web browser after clicking “start web server” in wifi settings on the organelle) works great too for simple uploads!


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out! And thanks @oweno that did the trick.