Setting up WiFi on the Organelle

My WiFi setup runs without a hitch. The Organelle declares it’s connected to the network but I’m unable to see the Organelle from my computer. Is there any trick to connecting?

you should be able to access the web browser (if you started the web server under WiFi Setup). with your browser try visiting: http://organelle.local

if that doesn’t work try just typing the IP address into the web browser. You can see the Organelle’s IP address under the Settings -> Info menu

If you’re on a Mac, Forklift (free on Mac App Store) works great if you’re trying to move anything around in a more involved way, or for backing up etc.
The web patch manager (go to organelle.local in your web browser after clicking “start web server” in wifi settings on the organelle) works great too for simple uploads!

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out! And thanks @oweno that did the trick.

Just out of interest after reading this entire thread (and other related threads) and already trying 2 completely different WIFI adapters that are clearly not working / compatible with the Organelle - is it a safe bet that if I buy an adapter that is sold specifically for Raspberry PI that it will (should) work -

Would be super handy if there was a ‘go to’ wifi adapter that everyone knows they can buy without hassle. Hence the Raspberry PI compatible out of the box working option - is that true?

Check this thread :

That is exactly what I have! Working nicely :wink:

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We made a demo video explaining why and how of the Organelle’s WiFi-enabled functions!

More info:

Hi, I have the Asus USB-AC53 Nano. It has the Realtek RTL8812BU chip. How I can set it up because it is not working with the organelle.

At this time, the Organelle only supports WiFi dongles with the RT5370 chipset.

Thanks for the response!

Forgot to post back but finally got something more local (Netherlands - EU) - 3rd time lucky on finding the correct chipset (just in case there are folks like me who had trouble finding something in NL/EU)

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what would be a handy extra feature is that for users who have moved everything to the internal sd (and thus can only edit the internal sd using a linux machine) rather than are using the usb stick, is that if there is a usb stick detected in the usb socket with a wifi.txt file at the root that the organelle prioritises use of that file for wifi?

[use case: i’m away from home and using someone else’s wifi and i don’t have a linux desktop to edit the internal sd card, so this enables updating the wifi details, otherwise i cannot use wifi on the organelle)


it already does this…

the issue is, that it also look for patches on the usb stick too,
so the ‘real’ issue is that the organelle does not revert to the sd card for patches if a patch folder is not found on the usb drive. this could be done fairly easy.

but on the flip side, your use case is already catered for…
just use AP wifi mode, you do everything this way
if you have to use a wifi network, you could use AP mode to download/upload the wifi.txt for the network… but honestly, it probably easy just to use AP mode while away.
(and safer too :wink: )

duh! i forgot about AP mode. thanks

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I am having the same problems as danger_mintz and molonsolon above. I have watched all the videos and read all of the related forum topics in depth and not really finding a solution. I have the wifi.txt file setup correctly and all of my router settings as well and am using the ralink rt5370 adapter recommend by c+g… The access point seems to be working, but would really like to get the wifi going as well. Was there any resolution here?


unfortunately, neither replied to my response, so I am none the wiser as to what their issues were…
(usually when this happens its because they realised they’ve made a ‘user error’ :wink: )

as above, Ive got my Organelle working on quite a few different networks without issue,
unfortunately ‘success is not the best teacher’ , as means I don’t know if there are some exceptions, thats why in the above post all i could do was detail what I know works.
… have you checked the info above? what wires mode/sec protocol are you using? using dhcp?

the only other thing oddities i can think of, is perhaps ‘odd characters’ in either the SSID or password, but thats just a guess… as Ive not seen issues in this area on the Organelle.
(but Ive seen it on other platforms before, esp. when details are stored in a text file)

I have actually checked all of the things mentioned in the prior post. I am having other issues with organelle as well leading me to believe there may me something going on with my sd card that is causing all of the trouble… for example:

I can connect to the organelle patch manager using the web server via the access point but when i try to click the ‘sd card’ button, I get the following error: SD Card storage not available on this Organelle. As I am running OS 3.1, I was under the impression sd card access should be functional.

Also, when I try connecting to screen sharing using the tigervnc patch, I get this message: Make sure Screen Sharing or Remote Management (in the Sharing section of System Preferences) is enabled on the remote computer. Is this implying that remote management is turned off on the organelle? That seems weird… Just as an FYI, I double checked to make sure remote management and screen sharing are enabled on my computer.

Similarly, when I try using tigernc viewer on the computer i get the message: The connection was refused by the computer

Seems like everything I’m trying is failing here and I’m itching to get started on some patch editing with my laptop…

Thanks again for the attention!

Sdcard storage is only available if you installed new os3.1 image not if you upgraded

see here

You need to run tigervnc after WiFi is started each time you restart organelle ( and you need vnc) - doesn’t just ‘enable it’

my organelle shipped with 3.1 so i’m not sure that is an installation or an upgrade, but assuming installation.

thank you for this note, this is exactly what i am doing. maybe i need to try a fresh install of os3.1 just in case that is contributing to the issue here…?