"Share The Patch: Advanced Synthesis with Pure Data"

Hi Folks
Happy New Year!
As part of my tenure and promotion project i am publishing [after a small eternity] at the end of next year, “Share The Patch: Advanced Synthesis with Pure Data” That is directed at advanced Pure Data synthesists. There will not be any “this is a sine tone” stuff Andy Farnell and Kreidler are very good introductions to patching pure data for novice users. This book will provide about 20 patches of advanced synthesis including drum machines, markov and xenakis code, spectral, fluidsynth, jesusonic, csound and intersting hybrids, effects and sonic tools for Windows10, Mac, Linux, raspi and of course our beloved blue box.

I am going to be travelling to interview some of the legends [to me!] in pure data hopefully in their office studios, home and at shows where they use Pd. A dear friend is my editor and i am in preliminary talks with 2! yes two publishers who made initial inquiries regarding publishing the book. I was an am still interested in MIT press but i was concerned about the Epstein scandal – as many are. We’ll see on that.

Anyway, i know i mentioned or hinted at it in the past but it’s now starting to appear as a twinkle and I’ve landed at a VERY supportive college and i am excited by the prospects of my first book --kind like my first LP or CD :slight_smile:

I hope everyone is well and I’ll be reaching out to C&G for some interviews in 2020 for the Organelle Chapter(s)



This sounds excellent. Just to clarify, “the end of next year” means “the end of 2021”? Thanks and looking forward to reading it!


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