Shutting down

Hi, I didn’t pay attention to the manual of the organelle, so I didn’t correctly shut the device down, I just pulled the plug. I did that 2 times, did I damage the organelle? Or the sd-card :hushed:. Everything is working fine.

Just get the routine of properly shutdown Organelle (mainly to avoid data corruption in SD card/USB stick)

Easiest way: click n’ hold down the encoder for 4sec and the shutdown is initiated.


I’m playing Russian roulette with this by using a battery pack that takes 4 AAs. I saw the recommendation for the pack on here, but then realized I have no way to tell when I get near battery death/surprise shutdown…

That sounds like a really bad idea, the Organelle does a whole thing to properly shut down and suddenly letting it die might corrupt the memory or something terrible. Perhaps a battery bank with a status indicator may save you some heartache.

I picked up a beefy little morphie that seems to be able to keep juice for months at a time but still fits in my pocket. Was about $40 but well worth it.

You will need 6xAA’s to power the organelle in any case! 9V required. I test my batteries by doing a little ‘bounce test’. Drop a battery from around an inch or two over a hard surface - when they get bouncy… change them. Hardly sounds reliable I know but worked for me so far.

Ah, yes – it’s a 6-AA pack, I’m just a dunce, haha.

Whoa, didn’t know the bounce trick…!divAbstract

FYI :slight_smile: