Organelle M internal speaker on left channel only

Hi folks. I’m not sure if this is a problem for me, or just an Organelle thing, but I’ve been playing with Pure Data sending output to left and right, and it seems that on my Organelle M the internal speaker is only connected to the left channel.

If I send a signal to outR I don’t hear anything from the speaker, but I do hear the signal on headphones. If I send a signal to outL the speaker works fine.

Hi, yes - this is how the Organelle M is designed. From the M manual:

The speaker is connected to the left audio ouput channel. If a patch uses both right and left output channels, the right channel will not be heard through the speaker.

If you definitely wanted to hear the Right signal out of the speaker, you could also connect that signal to outL (though it would be sent out of the Left headphone channel and Left output jack channel as well).

Thanks very much, that is really helpful. Apologies for not finding it in the manual.

No problem! Just wanted to post the manual reference in case someone has the same question later.

Hope you’re having a good time with Pure Data!

Out of curiosity, the speaker switch doesn’t have a pd object in organelle like the knobs by chance, does it?

@bomboy - no, there’s no method for addressing the Organelle M’s speaker directly in Pure Data. The software is unaware that a speaker exists.

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Cool. I didn’t think so, but wanted to check. :+1: