Supercollider IDE - Anyone want to do some testing?

Hi Guys,

I have a build of the Supercollider IDE working on the organelle, does anyone want to do a bit of testing or trying out?

It is not yet integrated into the organelle user interface, I will be looking at that next.

The prerequisites are 3.0 or 3.1, working WIFI and currently the file system mounted as R/W.

No pacman stuff is required and it just installs into /usr/local so “should” do no damage but as always use at your own risk!

To install get a terminal running on the organelle and use the following:

cd /usr/local
tar xvf Qt-5.3.2.tar.gz
tar xvf organelleSupercolliderX.tar.gz
rm Qt-5.3.2.tar.gz 
rm organelleSupercolliderX.tar.gz 

To setup the environment:

source /usr/local/organelleSupercolliderX/

To run:


The IDE currently needs the file system mounted as R/W or it won’t work. This will be fixed for a future release…

maybe next week i can take a crack – after this weekend i am free to indulge again


good stuff :slight_smile: