Surface leakage on the encolsure of the Organelle


I`m a now a happy owner of an Organelle. What a fantastic tool! :slight_smile:
The only thing that bothers me so far is a surface leakage on the encolsure of the
Organelle. I don´t experience this when I use the same stabilized 9 Volt
1000ma PSU with my Pocket Piano. I don´t expect this to be dangerous but unpleasant.

Did any of you experience a surface leakage on the encolusore too? Is there anything i can do?

Thanks in



We have not experienced leakage on the enclosure. Are you using the power adapter that came with the Organelle? do you have anything else connected to the Organelle (audio, USB, HDMI)?

Thanks for the fast reply.
I don´t use the original power adapter that came with the Organelle because i live in Germany.
There is nothing connected to the Organelle. I tried two diffrent power adapters from the same brand (a reliable one) and the specs match exactly the ones of the original power adapter and i also tried different wall sockets. Nothing changend.

I examined the power supply i use and my Organelle and my Pocket Piano a litter closer.
First i recognized that the plug of my power supply is 3 mm longer than the original one. Then i recognized that the port where i plug in the power supply of the Organelle is not very accurate. In my opionion this leads that my power supply touches the enclosure and this leads to the unpleasent surface leakage.
In my Pocket Piano the the port where i put in the power supply is more accurate so that the plug of the power supply doesn´t touch the enclosure.

It seems like you have a ground problem with your equipment.
I had a similar issue with a soundcard.
I removed the ground pin from the multi plug and i solved.

Thanks for your reply hellzapop, but i´m sure it´s not a good thing to remove the ground pin. I need it for my safety. Don´t you think?

You might have better luck using the supplied adapter and a US to Euro plug adapter. Let me know if you are able to do this and if it improves the situation.

Even with the original power supply and a US to Euro plug adapter the surface leakage is still there. I return it to the vendor.

I have become aware of a similar problem on my Organelle. It happens when I use the supplied PSU that came in the box. It does not occur with a third party PSU or when I attach a cable extender to the original PSU. I assume ther is something slightly odd about the shape or spec of the adapter on the original power unit.

I have tried to upload a picture. The two connectors on the left = no leakage. The original one on the right = surface leakage.

That is interesting, can you send photo of the backs / specs of these adapters? Leakage from newer switching power adapters is pretty common. Usually unregulated supplies (which are bigger heavier) don’t have this problem, but are harder to come by.

I can send photos of the problem adapter easily (I will shortly).

As I said tge “bad” adapter is the original one that came in the box with my Organelle. The other “good” one is parked under a desk in the studio and far harder to extract and photograph. Notably, I seem to remember that the one under the desk has an extension attached to it to reach the back of the Organelle.

As I said the original PSU is only a problem when plugged in directly to the Organelle. When an extension is used (the sort used for powering guitar pedals a long distance from the PSU) and the extension is plugged into the back of the Organelle there is no leakage.

It is because of this that I think the problem is with the plug at the end of the lead and the way it connects with the Organelle’s power socket and not with the make of PSU.

The original photo shows the end of the “good” PSU and the end of the “good” extension cable on the left and the “bad” connector on the right. But as I said I think that the “good” PSU has a similar (or even the same) extension on it. So possibly the two “good” plugs are identical anyway.

It could also be the extra resistance from the extension wire that is reducing the leakage current… I don’t know how the plugs themselves could be so different to have an effect.

Here’s the problem PSU. You may we’ll be right about the extra resistance. Also I am in the UK so using a two pin to three pin adapter. The “good” PSU is made for the UK market and needs no adapter. Which may have a bearing?

I have also started to have this problem. Organelle started randomly restarting. Looks like it is the power supply. With an extension between the power supply and the Organelle it looks like the problem is gone. Will report back after more testing.

It looks like I might spoke too soon and that I actually just broke the cable in the end that is on the side that plugs into the wall.

i do have the same “problem” but it never bothered me :slight_smile:
but if there is a quick fix to it, it is gladly welcome!

i also though about powering the organelle with my t-rex fuel tank pedalboard power supply
did someone have any experience with such an endeavor?

I hooked up my t-rex fuel tank pedalboard power supply with my organelle - works like a charm! I had to change polarity on the connecting power cable and voila one power for all the effects and organelle.

best thing also the surface leakage is gone :zap:

I also found an adapter that worked like a charm with a “gender bender” in between :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
New owner of the Organelle and have just signed up to the forum.
Already have a question regarding the surface leakage, anyone in the UK bought a specific power supply
to get rid of it, i’ve used the included one with 3 different adapters and a separate power supply with no joy,
just wondering if anyone has a sure fire way of getting rid of it (brand etc) because it’s starting to add up keeping buying power supplies… (the leakage on mine seems pretty intense)…