Loose power contact

I apologize if this has been covered in another thread, did a quick search but could not find it mentioned.
The power plug that goes into the 9V DC socket on my organelle seems to be loosing contact very easily causing the Organelle to shut off even when lightly touching the cord.Or moving the organelle of a few inches on the table.Quite frustrating.What’s the word out there?
Is there any quick fix?

that doesn’t seem normal to me…
is this the original psu? (not that it matters im using 3rd party ones without issue)

what I would do is try with another PSU ( 9v centre +ve , min 1A) , see if its the PSU.
if not, possibly the connector is loose on the motherboard (not a big deal)
so then depends if its in guarantee, and are you in the US (so easy shipping to C&G)

(p.s. if your in the US, then Id just email C&G , definitely easiest course of action :slight_smile: )

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Thanks man.Yup, in US, original power supplier but not in warranty anymore.
It has just recently started acting up, although admittedly, it always felt a little bit weak by design, compared to most of the music gear I own that use the same type of connector.

Will try with a different PSU and if that doesn’t help will get in touch with C&G

I tried using a different power supply and the plug does not wiggle as much when inserted in the power socket on the Organelle.

This one below is a photo I took of the psu delivered with the organelle: I have just noticed that ‘ring’ that seems to have melted (for lack of better terms).Not sure if that is related to my issue, but I have never noticed it before

Hi @Mattb,

Please contact us here.


Done, thanks