Switch of external midi notes on Organelle

So, the pads of my midi controller (Akai LPD8) is sending out midi notes, but I want it to trigger samples and not to play the notes as pitches. It is not possible to change it to cc data in the editor of the midi controller itself. The pads send out midi notes from 1-8, so is there a way to tell pd or the organelle not to ‘listen’ to those specific 8 notes? I tried with the moses and select object, but I couldn’t figure it out…

Thanks for any help!

the actual code needed depends on where you’re using an how, e.g. in mother.pd or in a patch
… and what you then want to do with the notes 1-8

but the following should work , no? (note: strictly this filters 0-8, but I guess that is ok :wink: )

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 13.35.28

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Hi Mark

Sorry for the late reply! Tried it and indeed, it worked in this way. I’m using it in modifying the Granular Freezer, couldn’t figure it out straight away and was afraid to mess up the patch too much :slight_smile:

thanks a lot!