Syncing Organelle M with iPad Pro & Ableton


I’ve looked thru the forum for similar questions, but didn’t find it.

I perform live on Twitch with an iPad Pro and sync it via Link with Ableton and a Push 2. But I want to incorporate my Organelle M, which I only know how to sync over the lowest wifi (not good for streaming), so I’d like to use a cable to sync the clock.

How I normally perform is, several app running via AUM on iPad, going thru a Behringer UMC204HD into Ableton.

(I also have an iRig Pro DUO I/O, if I need to use it)

How do I hard-wire the Organelle to sync all the clocks?

Thank you.

You could send midi clock over a USB to Midi cable from Ableton (the puter) to the Organelle. I’d try to keep Ableton Live as Master Clock and use Ableton Link to sync the Ipad Apps.
These are good:

Plus you’ll need one of these to plug it into the Organelle’s mini midi-in port, a Type A MIDI to TRS cable:

I think you could use this same setup using the organelle as master too, but since the internal clock of the organelle would stop and start as you change patches, I don’t know if this would be very flexible.

Thank you for this!

Do I need to plug into both midi slots on the Organelle? (or just the IN)

Gonna order these pronto. Massive thanks.

Just the organelle’s midi in, if ableton is the master :slight_smile: