The Organelle and Plug Data

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Newcomer on this forum but before I even receive my Organelle, I wanted to know if we could use this machine with the Plug Data interface?


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Unfortunately I don’t think Plug Data is available on the Organelle currently. From my short research, Plug Data is mostly for deploying and using Pure Data as a DAW? Not too familiar with it but it might be possible but you would probably break a lot of Organelle packages trying to get it to run since this runs a more updated version of Pure Data than what comes on the Organelle OS. You may be able to use LV2 plugins but I haven’t tried. You can get Audacity on it but I haven’t seen anyone trying to run Ardour, LMMS, or any other DAW. If you do get it running successfully, be sure to let us know!

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PlugData is, as far as I know, Pure data as a VST software and packed in a new GUI
It might be ridiculous but I’ve always been reluctant to use Pure Data because of its GUI… I find the max msp aesthetic friendlier. I was not really into programming music with patches but since I bought an Organelle, it makes sense.

I bet it is possible to conceive the patches in plug Data then export them to Pure Data ahah

I’m a beginner at that time. I do not know nothing about these softwares but I’ll learn and there is many exciting resources on this forum.

yes, you can develop in plug data and use the patch in organelle.
you might miss out on externals though. Plug-data might look ‘nicer’ than plain pd but can’t use all the libraries afaik… So, as @T8R stated, many organelle patches will not run in plugdata. The reason is not that the pd version in plug data is newer though. It’s simply the lack of libraries.