New to Organelle! Help!

Hi. I got my Organelle M a few months ago and I’m very confused. I am a train operator and I work 12 hours 5-6 days a week. I’m very crunched on free time and need to spend it wisely. I wish there were tutorial videos and better directions. I kinda regret getting this. It’s just sitting in my drawer.
Can someone please point me in the right direction for a completely clueless dumb beginner? How do you use it? How do use orac? And how the heck do use and upload patches(ones you can download online)to your device? Please help me feel like I didn’t waste money on yet another electronic music device that’s not user friendly. :frowning:

as with all things with ‘depth’ its worth starting slowly…

the manual is excellent,

Id recommend first start by using the various patches that are supplied on the Organelle-M,
there are quite a few, and its really easy to get overwhelmed if you start adding lots of new patches at the beginning (I know, as this is a mistake I made!)

also the included once, can be very creative… if you stick with them.

after that, the process of uploading is described in the manual.
in particularly, I would recommend you initially use WiFI with stick provided, as described in this section. (*)

(*) you could use a usb storage disk, but its faster/easier to use wifi :wink:
(you’ll need to source a stick and format it to FAT32, again all described in manual)

again, Id recommend one patch at a time.

I’d also hold off on Orac initially, its one of the more complex patches - so its good to be familiar with the hardware and other patches before you dive into it.

These are just my opinions on how its best to proceed… and to try to avoid the frustrations that can happen with something so ‘open’ as the Organelle.

of course, once you have read the manual, and attempted to follow it… if you have difficulty just come back here and ask questions… we have all been there so are eager to help.

tip: being clear on what you did exactly, and what happened - will help others get to the bottom of any

parting tip :
my very personal opinion on these types of devices, is due to their openness, being able to do anything - I found it important to find ONE thing that it does, that I enjoy e.g. a nice synth, a nice FX, whatever it is that ‘excites’ you…

otherwise, I found it very easy to get into a state of endless ‘patch browsing’ , where I didn’t feel like I achieved anything… I just kept downloading things for a ‘hit’ of something new - searching for something, but I had no idea what.

(much) later I realised, it was more fun to just sit down with any patch, and just see what I could do with it,
even something as (apparently) simple as Rhodey can be a lot of fun to noodle with, and then record and combine with other things.

once I had that ‘one thing’ (and it didn’t matter what really) , I felt far less pressure to keep trying new patches, and so stopped the patch browsing.

I recognise everyone is different, and looking for different things - so this is just how I made the Organelle work for me - might not work for you, but who knows

good luck,


Thank you very much. I will read the manual.