Updates to the Organelle OS?

It’s been a while since the Organelle got any major updates. Seeing companies like Roland and Elektron bringing big new features to their devices made me wonder if Organelle owners can also expect new functionality or upgrades?

Orhack for example looks really promising and I think the project could really benefit from being supported officially by Critter&Guitari.

I also saw that there was a OS release last year (4.2) but I couldn’t find any release notes.

Hi - thank you for getting an Organelle!

@Audivit’s work on Orhack and continuing support for it has been fantastic - I do not think there’s anything C&G could do to improve it.

OS 4.2 was released to improve the encoder interaction.

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Thank you for replying!

I agree @Audivit work is fantastic and Orhack is such an amazing project. What I meant was that Patches like Orhack or even Orac could benefit from being official Critter&Guitari patches. Like helping out creating tutorials and porting other Critter&Guitari patches to this.

Thank you for all the work you’re doing, I hope it doesn’t sound like I am complaining, was just curious if any thing new for the Organelle was in the making.

Thanks guys I’m glad you’re enjoying orhack!

Actually there is one “little” thing I think C&G could do, and that is to implement some more advanced way for creating custom graphical interfaces, both on the OLED screen and externally by connecting to a monitor (similar to what Bela has done with p5js which is awesome).

This would push the organelle into another unexplored level of fun!

Who knows, maybe one day! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d love a font size 6 if looking at display. I think a tracker idea lost hope early on previously due to not enough pixels for larger fonts :grinning:

Screen size is the issue… Norns display has actually the same resolution as organelle. but then you can make a smaller font and fit more lines in the same display.
If it was actually ‘christmas times’ and I could ask C&G for things. I would ask for an organelle with a bigger display. hi-res encoders and velocity (and mpe?) sensitive keys. Also, integrated Lipo battery instead of regular batteries. Then maybe more cpu power and better quality audio hardware with more I/o …
I honestly think Organelle doesn’t really need many software ‘updates’ since many features are getting added by the community, way more regularly than ‘roland or elektron’ users could have ever dreamed of…
I would love to see this type of sensors in the organelle:

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Sure the screen size and lack of greyscale are two big limitations,

but if only we could create our graphics by maybe using “pdjs” external (or something similar) and draw on the OLED 128x64px canvas we could create some fun interactive interfaces regardless.

The Arturia MicroFreak and MiniFreak are a great example of this!

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well… somebody did find a way to do impressive graphics in the organelle… , there is some patch around (sadly I forgot the name), that draws different kinds of pokemons in the organelle display.
Btw,. Did you look at this example patch? Graphics Demo | Patchstorage
I could beat any microfreak graphics in a matter of hours using that graphic examples. But again… Organelle display size doesn’t inspire me to do so…

Yes I am aware of the Graphics Demo patch as well as the pokemon patch, however I think both approaches are way too basic, and sure it is still possible to work with them within PD but at least to me it’s a freaking mess of a job! Creating masks, nested loops, automations it’s gonna drive me insane.

There should be a better, friendlier way…
And also this could be implemented to work with a small portable display attached to the organelle, expanding the graphic possibilities even further.

Imagine a small battery powered monitor that attaches to the Organelle HDMI port only by the use of some dedicated bridge support, how cool that would be!

At that point we could display graphics on the external display and use the OLED for menus and such at the same time…

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I was looking into using TouchOSC with the Organelle recently, and since I use Or(h)ac(k), which uses MIDI, it’d be nice to either have

  • some kind of standardized OSC support in Organelle/Orhack
  • or support for or a port of touchosc2midi, which I could not get to build on the Organelle

Being able to throw an ipad and other OSC surfaces/sensors easily into the mix would be fantastic.

OSC support in organelle is fine & standard… (Exactly the same as in any computer running a recent pd version…) the issue is that OSC isnt as 0-conf as midi… at least between 2 different devices…
I thought ORAC supported OSC though!: Orac 2.0

What I mean by “standardized” is similar to what I think you mean by “zero-conf”.

While of course it is possible to integrate OSC into any patch running on the Organelle, it would be nice to have “OSC Learn” just like for MIDI and Mod. Or if that has weird ergonomic issues (due to the open-ended nature of the OSC namespacing and data typing), a standard way of addressing OSC signals into modules and parameters in Orhack so that as soon as you name your OSC sender something, those OSC messages get picked up by a corresponding parameter.

The other option would be to get touchosc2midi working on the Organelle so that nothing new really needs to be integrated into Orhack, and OSC messages get piped to MIDI. In which case, the existing Midi Learn functionality suffices.

The value I have benefited from with Orac/Orhack the most is where all the boring, non-musical stuff is quick to do. Assigning MIDI controllers is one of those incredibly tedious things normally that is much much less tedious with such a tool. Being able to do that with OSC would extend this benefit.

Other similar such tedious tasks: moving a module from one slot to another. It’d be great to be able to cut/copy/paste a module, or at least module settings.

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I agree that being able to move modules between slots would have been really helpful…

I’m not sure how messy it could be to build some workaround in PD, also there is the constrain of the limited UI.

Right now I’m just trying to plan my chains beforehand to avoid having to move modules around too much…