Updating Eyesy WIFI (not AP)

I’m having trouble assigning my Eyesy to connect to a different WIFI network. AP works fine. This is the other WIFI function. The WIFI network seems “stuck” and no matter how many times I change and save it, the values for network/pw do not change.

It’s connecting to the network fine, but I don’t want the device on my network now. I want to be able to control that by returning it to the default network (music/music).

Changes to the two WiFi Network fields shown at the top center of the screen:

…will not take effect until the next time the EYESY boots up.

Yes, of course. However that is exactly what I tried and it didn’t work. Numerous times.

In addition, what I am seeing is that the actual network is the default (music/music). I can validate this by:

ssh music@eyesy.local

But the network reported by the web interface is one of my home networks that I tried using earlier. So it appears that the web interface is misreporting the actual network that is configured.