Use pd code for other instrument?

I’ve never touched programming with puredata in my life, but saw this video of this home-made instrument run on a raspberry pi running some puredata patches. How easy/difficult would it be to learn to convert this? Would someone on here be willing to do it?

Source files:

It should be relatively easy to convert the instrument patches to the Organelle or even Orac. Basically you’d want to copy those instruments to an Organelle or Orac template, find the MIDI or note inputs (usually a list of 2 numbers, pitch and velocity) and make it so it receives those commands from the template instead.
The same applies to the audio output: find the output of the instrument and send it to the appropriate output of the template.

This should be a good first project to get you started on PD and programming in general

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Orac already runs on rPI , see my youtube channel.