Used Organelle OG - Noise

Dear all,

I am new to the forum and the world of Organelle.

I was very excited to have gotten a second hand OG Organelle. However, my enthusiasm was damped when first started using it and noticed a very noisy echo running in the background (while no FX is running. It is for example present in the PUNCHY patch). I had read that the Org has a lower quality sound than other comparable instruments, but I believe this is different. The echo is so noticeable that makes the unit unusable.

The problem is particularly noticeable when a note fades, and a very unpleasant distorted echo follows for a second or so. I have tried a good number of different patches and the majority seem to have the problem. Perhaps the ones included in ORAC are the cleanest ones.

Have you encountered a similar problem? Am I dealing with a faulty second hand unit?

Any advice would be most welcome.

With best regards

This is always the risk when buying a used instrument.

You should try flashing the SD card with a fresh OS. There are instructions in the last chapter of the Critter & Guitari Manual

If the problem persists, it’s probably best to return it.

Yeap, no arguing with the 2nd hand point.

Havent tried the reinstall of OS yet. But the problem seems to be present regardless whether I use the SD card patches or the internal memory patches.

Are you loading patches from a USB drive? If not, I think you are referring to the same thing.

If you flash a fresh OS to the SD card, you will be resetting to the factory state which would overwrite any changes the previous owner may have done to the mother patch and/or other audio settings…

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