Vnc organelle m 4.1

Hello there
I have problems connecting to my organelle via vnc
I use real vnc on mywindows pc
Booth connected to the dame network
I ve tried
Vnc server

Name everything from organellem to music to nearly everything

In all variations
Not able to connect to it
Any adcice🤔

Have you started the vnc-server on the organelle?

Yes connected with my home ntw and started the vnc it tels me an ip adres i’ve tried also to type it in the vnc viewer but still no connexion

I’m totally inexperienced in troubleshooting this, but I just bought an organelle, and went through the processyeserday of setting it up, and connecting to it using vnc…so maybe we can troubleshoot your problem together.

Can you ping your organelle from you PC?

Can you access the webserver on the Organelle?

Have you tried connecting vnc using the AP-connection?



This is what I use with my setup:


Firmware 4.1?