[waveplayer~] doesn't work on 201PP. Solved!

I’ve been trying to port the K-Loop organelle patch to the 201 to no avail. I’ve determined that for one reason or another the [waveplayer~] object refuses to function despite including the .pd_linux file in the same folder as module.pd. When I run the patch on desktop it works without issue. Is there some crucial step I’m missing or can the 201 just not handle this particular object?

does the 201 boot immediately or it needs like 20 seconds?.
If it boots immediately, then it isn’t using linux so, many pd objects, specially externals would be unsupported. If it actually is running linux, then the matter is to find a compiled binary that matches that linux version. if 201 is running arch, like organelle Og does, then a binary compiled for Organelle-M / S will not work.

The 201 is running Linux, a bare bones version based on Yocto.

It is the same ARM architecture as the Organelle 1, M and S, so .pd_linux externals should work on both without having to recompile. But we did notice a problem with the waveplayer~ external.

@internetbreakup here is a version of waveplayer~ that should work. I can’t remember why this one works, I must have compiled directly on the 201, still have to investigate, but give this one a try.

waveplayer~.pd_linux (24.3 KB)

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that’s cool.
Is it written anywhere the full specs of the 201? . num/speed of processors, memory, codec used, etc. ?

  • ARM Cortex-A7 processor at 900 MHz
  • 512 MB RAM
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That version of [waveplayer~] didn’t work either…

How would one go about compiling directly on the 201?

It is a little tricky at the moment, you have to SSH into the 201 using WiFi. If you plug in a USB WiFi adapter (the same RT5370 one used with the Organelle), the 201 will attempt to connect to a network named ‘music’ when it boots up. To change the credentials is the hard part, I guess you could make a Pd patch that updated the network name and password…

The other way is using serial over the USB-C connection. Then there is no WiFi to mess with, just connect via USB-C to your computer and login. This isn’t configured but I plan to enable it for the next 201 software update probably this week.


I didn’t have issues with waveplayer~, initially testing with a standalone test patch. But you are right, there is a problem causing it to not work in the context of the 201PP patch. If you try to use the object in a module there is a problem with the file path used with the open message. Providing an absolute path to waveplayer~ seems to fix the file loading issue.

Check out this test patch. It just loops a sound file with knob 1 controlling speed.

2-waveplayer-test.zip (390.0 KB)

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Actually this one is a better example… it uses [pdcontrol] to get the path relative to the module folder

3-waveplayer-test.zip (390.1 KB)

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That solved it! Thanks so much! :smiley: