Weird behavior [MIDI ISSUE]

I was trying to figure out how to connect my controllers (Deluge and Keystep) in midi via the trs cable to sync with the euclidian plugin and it wasnt working. By reading here and there I understood that I had to pick the midi device in the settings.

SoI went there and it was on 28:0, I clicked and changed it for the only option available (despite the Deluge being pluged in) which is MIDI THROUGH Port-0. and since then, it is locked on that option whatever I’m pluging in and now my euclidian sampler is going nuts I don’t know why :frowning:

Demo here:

Halp, my M is sick x_x

Ok I could go out of the loop by deleting the file, but I’m back at step 1 where none of my devices show up so I can’t use MIDI trs apparently. What would be the trick?

Deleting was the correct move, this will bring back default midi settings. currently TRS MIDI is always enabled, the list in the MIDI settings menu is for selecting a USB device if you have one connected (and the “MIDI THROUGH Port-0” should not be there at all, it is a bug that will be fixed)

with TRS MIDI you also want to make sure the devices and cables are correct polarity. The organelle uses type A wiring (the official standard), and a few other manufactures use type B. I think Arturia keystep is type B, so connecting 1/8" cable between Organelle and keystep won’t work. (I don’t know if anyone makes a 1/8" cable that flips the TRS around)

So far I tried with the Novation Circuit cables which work pretty much everywhere.

Manual says that: 2 x MIDI break-out cables: 3.5 mm 3-pole jack plug to 5-pin DIN socket

Hi, @Aken, sounds like you have found problems similar to mine, its in two parts, there is this known bug:

which cause the tempo to go nuts and then there is a bigger issue of problem with how the orgM interprets midi inputs on the TRS port, some details in this long thread:

No fixes that I know of but everything works fine for me if I use a USB midi connection and ignore the TRS ports.

Good luck


That’s obviously not an option. @oweno can you please give me the directions for me to get a replacement? thank you.

If you think something might be wrong with your Organelle, please contact us.

But have you tried the TRS MIDI with any other gear? I’m pretty sure connecting directly to Novation or Arturia products will not work because the wiring is different. I ran across these adapter cables, also there is a nice chart listing products and the wiring they use:

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I can confirm that if you use the proper TRS adapter for your Keystep it will work on the M. You cannot use the sync out jack of the KS
to the M’s TRS jack though, for reasons that should be evident.

Sorry I mean use the adapter on your M, then run regular midi cable out of Keystep to the adapter. You have to have the right adapter obviously. Also the M can handle USB midi clock from my Digitakt and midi notes from the Keystep through TRS so thats pretty awesome! I do have to use a USB port to hold a stick for Patches though until the update comes, as midi wont work right through TRS if just using SD card to run M.

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So I went to the retailer and I tried many cables, they had none to sell so I had to borrow breakout cables provided with other models. Found out that the Korg SQ-1 breakout cable was working so my Organelle M is not faulty.
I spent 20$ on Amazon to buy type A cables that are nowhere to be found in real life music shops.
Excuse me but I’m slightly furious about that situation. I spend 900 canadian dollars to buy the organelle M specifically for the standard MIDI in/out, the least you can do at Critter and guitari, especially if you’re using hard to find standards, is to provide the freaking cables. How is that that Korg is providing one with its 150$ worth gear and you’re not? That thing is not even stated clearly anywhere. Why do I have to spend so much time to talk with people and read things on the internet and going to shops asking questions they can’t even answer to and finally spend more money on Amazon? wth…

The manual clearly states which cables are required: “The Organelle uses the TRS To MIDI Type A spec.”

They also sell the adapters for $5 on their site, where again it provides the info that it’s Type A cables. It would be nice to have them included, sure, but they’re very clear about which cables you needed to get.

Nobody knows what a TRS To MIDI Type A cable is, consequently same for the amount of people having that specific cable at home.
This is a more or less forced additional sale, indeed very greedy from c&g.

Cause korg are huge and can afford to throw it in for the market of dabbling users mate. The M is obviously a more specialised product with a interested audience, it follows that those users might try to have a deeper awareness of what they are buying before they spend the higher pricetag.
Some people even make them themselves. As it says here the market is split on type a and b. I agree it must be irritating but they had to choose one type or the other.

You can word it the way you want, explaining that it is a choice among others doesn’t make it a good choice.
It is a very poor choice not only because it makes no sense on an economical basis (you eventually get an additional 3-6$ gain on your product that adopts outdated/rare hardware standards) but it has also been proven to result in a very bad experience for many of Organelle’s customers that are desperately looking for the right technology to make their gear to properly work. Do you want a reminder of all the threads that are complaining about MIDI TRS not working as it should?

That’s something like half the total Organelle M threads about the specific breakout cable type that wouldn’t exist if the cables were simply included. That’s it.
Now I told everything I had to say, I also have my cable that I paid way more than I should but I’m happy this money didn’t go to Critter and Guitari, I won’t spend any more time on this thx.

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You do understand that even if a type-A cable was included - it wouldn’t work with type-B equipment (which accounts for one half of the mini-trs adopting industry) right?

Perhaps those people could google it and find out? If people are wholly unfamiliar with equipment… surely they would want to be before buying it.

Users can just use USB midi if they discover their other equipment uses another type of trs connection? You don’t need to buy cables from C&G. Get them online somewhere if you like.
Bit of a storm in a teacup isn’t it?

the TRS-A/TRS-B is unfortunately an issue caused by history…and been an issue for quite a while.

the only technical difference is which connection is on tip and which ring, in fact you can just cut the cable and reverse them and it will work. (or make/buy? some kind crossover cable)

TRS-A (as used by the Organelle-m) came first and was used by a few manufactures.
unfortunately Novation and Arturia decided to use do it the other way (TRS-B) , and they became very popular with users.

so why does the Organelle-M not use TRS-B if its more popular?
because the MIDI manufactures association (MMA) decided to make TRS-A the standard,
this means over time, you can expect everybody to switch over to the TRS-A.

its a pain (*) … but there it is

if i was a novation/arturia user , what i would do is buy a simple 3.5mm TRS-TRS audio cable, cut one end of and put a new stereo jack on the end , with the tip and ring reversed - then you have a nice simple lightweight cable… rather than having to use 2 sets of DIN adapters and a fat midi din cable :wink:

or use usb… which is what i tend to use anyway :wink:

(*) especially, as ive noticed quite a few online stores that just say TRS->MIDI , not specifying type… if your lucky they list novation as an example device so you know its TRS-B, but not always!


Thank you for this answer @thetechnobear. Still, the cable should have been included.