Weird Menu Issue


That is strange. How many patches are on the USB disk? does it work with smaller number of patches?

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Thanks Owen, turns out 118 patches on one menu is the maximum for my organelle without sending the menu display loopy. Is there a fix for this? If not no worries, I keep my prioritised patches numbered according to type at the top of the list - the others are a bonus.

I had to count through the patches one by one on my file browser because I couldn’t believe I had that many on there. Think it’s worth just thinking about that for a second, 118 independent ‘functions’ in one metal music box. This is why the organelle is the best instrument I’ve ever had :smiley:

Yes, you hit upon the limit. There are only 127 slots in the main menu, then the system menu and blank spaces take up some of those. You are only the second person I’ve heard of reaching this limit, so congrats! The limit is arbitrary and something that should be addressed in an OS update. Also gets hard to navigate so many, so I like the sub folder idea too.


Ha, cool! On a vaguely linked topic - I was wondering if it was possible in a future OS update to have the option of long patch names etc being contracted to fit the screen. E.g. ‘Polybeats Rhythmate Toppy’ might become ‘Polybeats R~ oppy’. It’s something I’ve seen on some other hardware and thought it could be nice.

How about renaming the patch folders? I’ve done it a couple of times and now, that I need to downsize my patch ‘arsenal’ (yes, I also maxed it out this morning by adding another patch and got the ‘weird menu’ thing right away…), I’m thinking I’ll rearrange the patches by type/function and will gave them names accordingly, like “FX01 GRNLR FRZR” , ‘FX02 QUAD DLY’, ‘SYN01 COOLWKNG’ , etc. I’d still love see the selectable subfolder option in a future update but for the time being I’ll give this rearranging a try.

Just to be sure, what is the current max number of patches we can have then? Is it 127 spots on the menu – so 127 minus menu options is the number of patches we can have?

I think it’s 118 patches max. As far as I recall I had 119 on board when I got the ‘weird menu’ issue. Removing a few patches solved it.