What would you try with 2 Organelles?

Curious what would be the first things you’d try if you had two Organelles in front of you? I’m about to have 2 in the next week or two… looking for some crazy ideas i will not have thought of!

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Run the synth and sampler style patches through effects patches like RP-2 and Granular Freezer LL etc
Also running drum patches through slicer/mangler patches like Smorphagene with tempo syncd.

Install OTC and enjoy visuals while you 'ganelle

same as @Wannop really
Synth + Drums, Synth->Sampling , Synth -> FX , Midi Seq -> Synth, Synth/FX -> OTC (video)
or of course, just plain ol’ Synth 1 + Synth 2.

similarly , my favourites for Organelle 2, are Granular Freezer, Clds , OTC.

it might needs some PD patching, but another think that could be fun is modulating (via MIDI CC, or OSC) parameters on Organelle 2 from Organelle 1, of course with some sync/relationship to whats being played on Organelle 1… i.e. trying to view them more as one instrument, rather than two.

a couple of things to consider:

  • I like to have them connected to a mixer, so I can put the Organelle audio in on the send of the mixer, makes it easy to go thru the combinations above.
    (if you don’t have a mixer you’ll need a Y cable, as is 2 out , 1 in)
  • MIDI, this is a bit of a pain , since you can do USB to USB - so Ive used things like Axoloti as a bridge, but you USB -> MIDI DIN , then a MIDI hub. … which leads me to:
  • Ableton Link enabled patches are very cool, easy to sync things (you’ll need wifi on both)

be careful with sending midi from o1 to o2, bare in mind by default organelle patches send midi for every keypress / knob turn, which may have some ‘interesting’ effects on the patch running there.

I think there is a lot of mileage with 2 organelle, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts… but not had a lot of time to start building dedicated patches… and they would have a limited audience :wink:

what ideas have you had? share what you get up to, it’ll be fun to see/hear.

Oooooooh nelly! What about the CCquencer patch C&G made for use with ETC? This has that ready to go! Been meaning to try it this week but it could totally be used with another organelle!

Could multiple organelles be syncd from one over WiFi? Like the ableton link thing that was going on in that PD grids patch, but more as a global, detecting sync over WiFi when present thing. perhaps it’s one thing slaving to link and quite another to make an organelle a host for it. Just interested.

yes, Organelle and ETC use the same CCs for the knobs, so will work for a single page of parameters

Link is peer to peer, so there is not host/slave… so if you run link sessions on different organelles they will sync automatically… thats the cool thing about Link.

Theoretically we could add Link to the mother patch, but its consumes a small amount of CPU, so its best to do where its being used… also ideally patches use Link a little more ‘smartly’ than just a metro/tempo.

as an aside , I think C&Gs new ‘module’ structure includes a swap in Link module to replace the normal master metronome.
(though Ive not used it yet)

Can you link to the organelle module structure stuff? Has it been explained anywhere?

Try CCquencer with Bash_Bastard everybody :slight_smile:

And fx 13!

the new patches that C&G made use it here
no I don’t think its been ‘explained’, but if you look at the C&G patches they are not overly complex, perhaps they will do a video if you ask nicely :slight_smile:

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I’ll have a look. Cheers man.