Wifi and USB drive weirdness

My 'M did a strange thing;

  1. I inserted a USB drive
  2. started the M
  3. went to connect to wifi - and my wifi configuration was missing.

OK that was odd, so I started the access point and web server and connected to my M directly, and added my wifi credentials.(removing a mystery wifi credentials via the web server ui)
Now able to successfully connect to my M I started the web server and started looking at the usbdrive and the sdcard;

  • Inside the SDcard was a little file called wifi.txt with my correct wifi credentials
  • Inside the USBdrive was another file called wifi.txt with both my wifi credentials and organelle credentials;


The followup is I installed startvnc from the usbdrive; putting startvnc in extras, but none of the standard patches are available. Ejecting the drive causes the default patches to appear, but startvnc disappears from the extras menu. If I pop in the drive and reload startvnc appears but my patches are all gone. eject and startvnc is gone again. I’m going mad!

Is this expected behaviour? Any suggestions appreciated.

Kind regards,


Hi Stephen :v:

I had this feeling when i discovered how it works, i was pretty confused too…

When an USB drive is connected, the system considers /usbdrive as the main folder (it bypasses /sdcard) so if you run an installer it will install on the USB drive.

From what i learned here it’s due to the fact that the first Organelle OS was only using the SD card for the OS and USB drive for patches, times has changed since but this behavior remains.

Better only use the wifi to transfer and install patches without USB drive connected for now (or transfer from the USB then run from the SD card :wink:

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OK I might leave it on the USB drive as I want to it use to bake my own patches.
If I do it on the SD card I’ll lose all my work when the next OS update happens.



[Organelle M, Monotron Duo, PSR-E303, PO-33]

Yes, this is correct, but it is a little bit confusing. It does go back to the original Organelle 1 operating system when patches could only be stored on a USB drive. When storing things on the SD card became an option, we tried to make the experience seamless by having the Organelle use the USB if one is inserted, otherwise use the SD… but it got complicated when more than just patches are getting stored.

Nowadays we have a bunch of stuff being stored:

  • Patches folder
  • System scripts folder (that show up in the Extra menu, e.g. VNC)
  • WiFi configuration file
  • MIDI configuration file
  • media and data folders used by Orac

So if a USB drive is inserted, all of this will get stored / installed / read from the USB drive. If no USB, then SD is used. This seemed like the simplest thing to do, but we should probably be more clear about what is happening…


yeah, expected as @oweno

the way I like to think of it is different USB sticks and the sdcard have different ‘environments’

which contains the elements as @oweno listed

imagine having 2 different USB sticks,
one that you use at home, for new patches and that connects to local wifi setup, with your main studio controller.
the other which has your ‘live’ setup , which has patches/samples that you use but does not have your wifi, and it setup for keys/sequencer that you use for your live rig.

it means you can mess about at home on one usb stick, and know your not going to mess up your live rig.

the sdcard is just an extension of this… usually this is the setup you use most of the time, as it means you dont have to have a usb stick plugged in.

note: environments are not 100% isolated as certain ‘system’ software is installed that is shared, e.g. the ‘OrganelleOS’ - so its a bit like different user accounts on a desktop pc.

you will not loose patches when the next OS update happens IF you use the update OS mechanism.
its only if you re-write the sdcard.
if your doing this then:
a) Id recommend you backup your patches before doing so… just copying everything in /sdcard is fine
b) I actually have a couple of sdcards, so I put new OS on a different sdcard initially … until I know I’ve copied everything i need from the old one.

(its perfectly ok, to use different SDcards with different organelle OS on each)

also there are quite a few tools available that would allow you to synchronise whats on the Organelle back to your desktop (just look for scp protocol, e.g. something like Forklift or Cyberduck).
this is a good practice anyway, to ensure you have a backup.

why not just use USB sticks?
a) they are much slower b) they have a tendancy to fail. c) use up one of the two usb slots!