Just searching for a patch.. frippertronics

Anyone heard of a organelle patch using the frippertronics concept?

That is the sequence…

Also looking for a tape looper that is similiar to the concept used in The Disintegration Loops by William Basinski.

Possibly being able to spilt the loop up and slowly remove parts of the loop?

Seems like I’m asking alot… Sorry just thought I’d try.

Kind regards,


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That is the piece of music I Was mentiong for William Basinski

I’m no pd expert but over on this page I think you’ll find a discussion about frippertronics patches (in pd vanilla, also). Whether u can fix r up and make it work for your organelle is up to u or anybody helpful and interested. But I think the groundwork has been done

Edit: Another one

The second one is just a delay rather than loop - but it works really well. Will do something with this.

was that first one any good? I didn’t wanna plug in my laptop n check…

Awesome thanks!

I’m still waiting for my adapter but I’ll give it a go when I’ve got my orangelle up and running :slight_smile:



It didn’t make a sound and I didn’t really look why - just tried the second one!


Did something with the delay effect above. Should really “test” it a bit more - but where’s the fun in that?

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What a patch! Love it mayne

Thanks! If you like that you’ll like the patch in progress which plays a bit with stereo (chorus off sync, different delay times). I’m having fun with it anyway.

I love guitar effects!!

Finally, have you found an organelle patch simulating Frippertronics or “Disintegration Loops” ?
I would love it !

I would love it too ! Thanks